Deep Blue Quest out and about

This past weekend Deep Blue Quest was beached! Russ and Paul were both battling a vicious case of the flu so there was to be no diving for us. So to keep ourselves occupied and out of trouble we went to Ilsan to go spread the gospel (the gospel according to PADI!)

out and about in Ilsan

Armed with flyers and brochures and assisted by our good friends Pia and Laura (thank you guys!) we set off into the streets of Ilsan to meet and greet prospective scuba divers. It turned out to be a really fun day and we got to meet some interesting people. Next time you see us hanging around your neighborhood with our Deep Blue Quest t-shirts come say hello!

Pia owning the batting cage to the amusement of Russ and Laura

Upcoming events:

This coming weekend we will be going to Mun Am resort on the east coast for an Open Water tour. If you wish to join us please give us a call and we will make it happen.

We are planning a “fun diving” tour for qualified divers early July which might include boat dives and wreck dives. We will have more details on this by next week so if you are interested check back in on Tuesday or gives us a call to book your place.

Until then, happy diving


Scuba Review & Open Water June 16-17

This past weekend we conducted a Scuba Review for a qualified Open Water Diver who hasn’t been diving for quite some time. The Scuba Review is a very good course in that it gives you the opportunity to reacquaint yourself with scuba gear and life underwater.

Ruus (our MAster Instructor) conducting knowledge reviews with Amanda and Matt

If you haven’t been diving in a while and you are planning a dive trip to some exotic location it might be a good idea to freshen up your skills by doing the Scuba Review. That way you can go diving stress-free with confidence in your abilities which will make for a much more enjoyable trip.

Pia and Amanda entering “The Dungeon”, getting ready for confined water skills!

We also had a new Open Water student completing her knowledge development and confined water skills at Hyundai pool. Next stop; open water!

looking good!

Thank you everybody involved for making it a fun-filled weekend and congratulations to everyone on performing the required skills like champions!

Good job Amanda!

Upcoming events:

This coming weekend (23-24 June) we will be conducting Open Water, Advanced Open Water and Peak Performance Bouyancy workshops. If you are interested or know of anybody who might be interested please contact us to book your place.

Dont forget about our Referral Program (receive credit on your next course or tour by referring your friends).

In the meantime, happy diving!

East Coast dive tour 9-10 June 2012

This past weekend (9-10 June 2012) Deep Blue Quest went on a dive tour to Mun Am Dive Resort on the East Coast. We left the dive centre in Paju bright and early on Saturday morning to pick up our 7 Open Water and one Advanced Open Water students. The highlight of the drive was seeing Sorak mountain covered in a heavy cloud of mist, truly spectacular.

the snorkel dive team

Upon arrival at Mun Am the students were given a quick briefing after which they donned their wetsuits for a quick snorkel around the dive site to get a feel for the diving conditions and also to familiarize themselves with the dive location.

David and Alanah Bradley taking notes from the Master Instructor

Shortly after the snorkel dive the students donned their scuba gear to go for their first of four open water dives. The conditions were less than ideal with choppy waters (making for a very interesting surface swim) and low visibility but all of the students managed to grin and bear it and completed their first qualification dive. Well done guys!

coming up on the ascend line

The students completed 2 more dives on Saturday in which the students knocked out the bulk of the required skills. After a long day of diving we returned to our minbok to fire up the barbeque (a Deep Blue Quest tradition) and have a few laughs. Good times!

relaxing at the bbq after a long days diving

We kicked off Sunday’s diving with a deep dive. The dive team (Pia, Russ and Paul) along with a couple of students went out on the resort’s dive boat to complete the required dive for Pia’s Advanced Open Water qualification. The boat ride out to the dive site turned out to be really enjoyable as it allowed us a different view of what really is a beautiful little bay at Mun Am.

life on the artificial reef

The dive itself went down well, we were blessed with 10 metre visibility up to about 15 metres deep where we hit a vicious thermocline and the visibility dropped down to about a metre and the temperature to 6 degrees Celsius! We did however see some really cool marine life on the artificial reef at 29 metres. Overall it was a really pleasant dive despite the conditions.

The students final dive was really enjoyable as everyone completed the last of their required skills and then went off for a bit of fun diving where they were swimming around and exploring the underwater world, which is what diving is all about.

Congratulations to all the Open Water students for completing your qualifications. We at Deep Blue Quest had loads of fun diving with you guys and we truly hope that you keep on diving and enjoying it as much as we do. Well done!

David, Alanah, Julio, Ben, Shelley, Adele, Kristen and Pia well done on your qualifications guys!

Congratulations to Pia on completing her Advanced Open Water qualification. She completed the required deep dive with style under what were truly difficult conditions. She was also amazing in the way she helped out the DBQ staff with transport, cooking, cleaning, packing of gear, setting up of gear and being an extra set of eyes underwater. Thank you Pia, its great having you on the team!

Congratulations on your Advanced Open Water qualification

Upcoming events:

We have a couple of new Open Water Students coming in this weekend (16-17 June) for their classroom and pool sessions so this means another ocean tour coming up soon! Remember to check in every Tuesday for the latest news, updates and upcoming events.

Safe diving!

Training session at Jamsil & Suwon – June 2-3

This past weekend we conducted both scuba review and rescue diver training. On Saturday DBQ went to the Olympic Pool at Jamsil with Pia and Julio for the scuba review course. They both worked on their Open Water skills and buoyancy in preparation for the upcoming ocean tour and they are both ready to roll!

on our way to Jamsil!
Russ conducting the training
Pia & Julio performing skills under the watchfull eye of Russ!

On Sunday we went to the pool at the World Cup stadium in Suwon. Russ had Paul working on his Rescue Diver skills with the help of Julio and Pia (thanks guys!) Once the Rescue Diver skills were out of the way everyone worked on their hovering and buoyancy while playing underwater Frisbee.

Pia launching the torpedo!
showing good form with the frisbee!
The rescue diver course is demanding but well worth it.

Upcoming Events:

This coming weekend (June 9-10) DBQ will be going to Mun Am Dive Resort just outside Sokcho on the east coast. We will have Open Water students completing their qualification dives and Advanced divers doing speciality dives.

This is going to be another awesome tour so please check back in next week for an overview as well as photos from the tour.

Safe Diving!

East Coast Tour – May 26-27 2012

Deep Blue Quest embarked on an ocean tour on May 26 2012 to Mun Am Dive Resort, just outside the town of Sokcho.  The aim of the tour was for 3 of our students to do their qualifying dives.  Mun Am is the perfect resort for students to complete their required qualifying dives as the dive site is located in a quiet bay and is clearly mapped out with ropes and buoys. So even though the visibility is not “tropical island” like it is impossible for divers to wander off and get lost.

the bay at Mun AM

On Saturday we took Daniel out to complete his Open Water dives and even though the water was a bit cold (between 15-18 degrees Celsius) the diving was really good.

Daniel indicating everything is “Okay” underwater

After Daniel’s qualifying dives Paul started working on his Rescue Diver skills with the help of Daniel (thanks mate!) and supervised by Russ. The Rescue Diver course is challenging and demanding but great fun and we at DBQ can seriously recommend it to any Advanced Divers out there!

Paul and Daniel working on Rescue Diver skills

After we completed all our dives for Saturday we met up with 2 more of our students (Pia and Ben) and sat down for a quick briefing before heading back to our hotel where we had a really good barbeque.

having a relaxing bbq after a good day’s diving

Sunday morning was kicked off with a really good bacon & eggs breakfast cooked up by Paul. After breakfast we loaded up the DBQ van and headed out back to Mun Am for another day of diving. The weather was really good and the diving conditions were looking excellent. We took the students down in turns and everyone did really well on their dives despite the cold and poor visibility.

Russ managed to capture a shot of this beautifull but very shy baby eel!

Monday morning we awoke to less than perfect diving conditions so after careful consideration Russ decided to call off all diving for the day. It turned out most instructors made the same call as there were very few divers at the resort on Monday. Unfortunately we weren’t able to complete all the required dives but that just means we’ll do another tour!

Congratulation to Daniel Tomosovich for completing his Open Water qualification!

well done mate!