Another great tour

Project Aware participants on-board Aqua Gallery’s vessel

This past weekend Deep Blue Quest took our Open Water and Specialty Students to Aqua Gallery on the East Coast of Korea. We met our students Friday night at the dive centre in Paju where we packed gear and loaded up the DBQ van before we went out for an excellent supper of Korean style barbeque, or as our students referred to it; beef-and-leave.

enjoying the boat ride out

Saturday morning we hit the road bright and early and after the 3 hour journey we arrived at the resort ready for a good days diving. Driving through the mountain passes on the way to Namae we were a bit concerned about the weather as it was misty all the way but once we arrived we were met with perfect conditions.

one of the “treasures” we salvaged

Upon arrival we set-out our gear before Russ gave us a briefing on the resort and its facilities. With the boat loaded up with divers and their gear we set out for our first dive of the day. The conditions were absolutely perfect; a gentle breeze, calm waters, sun shining brightly, it was bound to be a good dive.

On the first dive Russ conducted the Deep and Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialties while Patrick handled the Open Water. We were blessed with relatively decent visibility and minimal current so the dive went down really well. The second dive was slightly more challenging as the visibility deteriorated because of a strong current but the dive was completed without any issues. By the last dive of the day the current was slightly better and visibility improved so we managed to complete a nice easy long dive.

old fishing nets we managed to salvage

After a long day of diving and boat rides we washed the gear and fired up the grill for the traditional DBQ post-dive barbeque. It’s always nice to sit down around a fire after a day’s diving and talk about the dives, comparing war-stories and planning the next day’s dives.

Sunday morning we awoke to yet another beautiful day and after a hearty breakfast we boarded the boat again for the last of our dives. The first dive went well and the Open Water student completed his required skills.  On the second dive of the day we completed the last of the Deep Diver Specialty skills with the highlight being the “egg trick” Russ cracked open an egg underwater (at around 23m below surface) and the yolk floated out like a ball. For a lot of the divers it was the first time experiencing that so we all enjoyed it tremendously.

playing with the egg yolk ball at 23metres

The final dive was also the most successful of our cleanup dives. As part of the Project Aware Marine Debris month of Action every diver was issued with a bag for garbage collection underwater and the final dive on Sunday provided some gems, including a sneaker and a car tire. Thanks to everyone who helped make the ocean floor a bit cleaner and for supporting this noble cause. Let’s try and make this an ongoing effort and not just during September so that our next generation may enjoy the ocean as much as we do.

Congratulations to the students on your qualifications and thank you everyone for helping out with the Project Aware Debris Month of Action.

Upcoming Events:

This weekend we will be conducting an Open Water course and pool training at the dive center in Paju.

Ocean Tour October 6-7 (Location to be confirmed)

Open Water Course October 13-14

Open Water Course October 20-21

Ocean Tour October 27-28

Okinawa Tour December 29 until January 03 2013

Wishing you all a safe and happy Chuseok!

Open Water & Rescue courses at DBQ

Another awesome weekend of training at Deep Blue Quest! This past weekend we conducted PADI Open Water courses, both classroom training and an eLearning referral, as well as a Rescue Diver workshop.

Patrick instructing the students on gear assembly

The PADI eLearning allows you to complete the Knowledge Development portion of various courses online, at your own pace. Once you have completed the coursework you can come to Deep Blue Quest to complete the Confined Water Dives and Open Water Dives. For more information on PADI’s eLearning go to and click on the eLearning banner at the bottom of the page.

Matthew, our eLearning student

We kicked off the training on Saturday morning with the Open Water students watching the knowledge development videos, followed by a couple of quizzes. Both students were flying through the coursework and the classroom portion of the day was completed before lunch (once again excellent sandwiches by Mrs. Krogh).

With the first couple of modules completed we headed out to the training pool in Paju for Confined Water Dives 1 to 3. Patrick, the instructor, briefed the students on their required skills and both students performed outstanding. At the same time we also had a Rescue Diver in the pool working on her required skills with Russ.

Matthew styling his new mask

After a long day of training DBQ staff took the students out for a nice supper followed by a trip to the local noribang! A perfect end to a fantastic days training.

Sunday morning it was back to business as the students completed the remainder of their knowledge development modules. Once again they were flying through their coursework and they both passed the final exam with flying colors. Well done guys!

The 10 minute float test underway

Sunday afternoon we headed back out to the pool for Confined Water dives 4 & 5. While Russ worked with Matthew (our eLearning referral student) on his skills Patrick and his two students continued where they left off.  The days training was concluded with the required swim and float test and all the students performed really well.

OW students Diana, Matthew and Kyle with instructors Russ & Patrick

Upcoming Events:

This coming weekend DBQ will be going to the Mun Am Resort on the East Coast. We will be conducting Open Water and Rescue Diver qualifications as well as Deep Diver and Peak Performance Specialties. Most of the dives will be completed on Saturday which will be followed by a barbeque on the beach.

We will also be doing underwater and beach cleanups as part of the Project Aware Debris Month of Action. For more information on this campaign please go to and be sure to check out our profile (PADI store number S-19577)

We have a couple of specials at the moment on both soft gear (mask, fins, snorkels) and hard gear (BCD’s, regulators). If you are interested in investing in your own gear give us a call or drop by our dive centre.

And finally, we will be going to the island of Okinawa for a week of the most excellent scuba diving from December 29 to January 03. If you are interested please contact us so we can reserve a spot for you.


A busy weekend at Deep Blue Quest

Another hectic weekend of training at Deep Blue Quest! We conducted Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Deep Diver and Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialties along with an Emergency First Response course…WOW!

PADI Open Water knowledge development

Russ conducted the Specialty courses; Patrick handled the Open Water Students while Paul certified Mr. Lee as an Emergency First Responder. It really was a busy weekend at Deep Blue Quest but good fun was had by all.

Peak Performance Buoyancy knowledge development

Saturday kicked off with the knowledge development portion of the various qualifications as well as the EFR course. This was followed by a brilliant lunch of the most excellent sandwiches (thank you Mrs. Krogh!). Saturday afternoon we headed out to the pool in Paju for the skills portion of the various courses where everyone did really well.

Emergency First Response training in full swing

Sunday morning we got back to knowledge development in the classroom which was followed by the final exam. Congratulations to every one of the Open Water students on passing you exams! After another round of the most excellent sandwiches we once again headed out the training pool.

While the required skills were performed brilliantly by each and every one of the students the final swim test proofed to be a bit taxing. This is understandable as it was a long weekend of training and exhaustion tends to rear its ugly head. We hope to see the guys back in the pool real soon so we can go to the ocean and get certified as PADI Open Water Divers!

Open Water student during skills set

A big thank you to all DBQ staff for all the hard work this past weekend and to all the students for being outstanding!


Upcoming Events:

Due to adverse weather conditions this coming weekend’s tour to Aqua Gallery on the East Coast has been cancelled. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

This coming weekend we will be starting the classroom portion of the PADI Open Water Course as well as Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty so contact us if you are interested in either of these.

The Project Aware Beach Cleanup Tour will take place on September 22-23 on the East Coast. It will be a “fun diving” tour but we will be doing our bit for the environment by picking up marine debris. For more information on the Project Aware Campaign please check out their website at For more information on the tour and for reservations please contact Deep Blue Quest.

Deep Blue Quest is going on a tour to Okinawa from December 29 2012 until January 03 2013. If you feel like some excellent diving in Japan over New Year’s contact us to book your place. More details to follow.

Until then, happy diving!