Weekend Preview plus Announcements!

Hey there Deep Blue Questers!

We are gearing up for a great weekend.  At the Dive Shop in Paju, we will be conducting an Open Water Course, a Rescue Diver Course, an EFR Course, AND a Tune Up course. We are so excited to get into the classroom and pool with some great students.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with what these courses are, here is a brief overview.

Open Water: This is PADI’s course designed for beginner divers.  The course entails classroom learning, training in the pool, and ocean dives.  It is designed to take divers who have never done SCUBA before, and teach them all that they need to know to be safe and competent divers.

Rescue Diver: The Rescue diver course is one of the most challenging and rewarding courses that PADI offers.  The purpose of the course is to prepare divers to handle diving related emergencies through knowledge developments, pool training and ocean training.

EFR: This course is a first-aid and CPR course, with skills that are both important for diving and for life in general.  After taking this course, you will be well-prepared for any potential future accidents that you may encounter.

for more information about any of these courses,  contact us at the dive shop



Every year Deep Blue Quest runs a summer camp at the ocean for a week full of training, diving, and fun in the sun.  We will be running the summer camp from July 27th and  until August 4th.

We will post more details soon, but don’t forget to save the dates….It really is the best week of the year

Weekend Review

Hey there Deep Blue Questers!

We just finished a great weekend of ocean diving!  Completing both an Advanced Open Water Course and two Specialty courses was exciting for everybody.  We went to Aqua Gallery, which if you follow this blog you will know is one of our favorite diving resorts in Korea.  They always make sure that our diving experience is second to none.

Take a look at some of our photos from the trip:

As a reminder, We will be holding an Open Water course this coming weekend in Paju and there is still a few spots free.  Contact us if you are interested.

Weekend Preview/Class Announcment

Hey there Deep Blue Questers!

It’s Thursday, and we are gearing up for another great weekend at the ocean!  We will be taking 5 Advanced Open Water students and a Rescue Diver student to one of our favorite dive resorts, Aqua Gallery, for a weekend of diving and fun.  Ocean trips are the best part about being a PADI Diver!

Here are some photos from past trips:

Also, we are excited to announce an Open Water course for the weekend of June 29th.  If you are interested in learning to dive, there is no better weather than now to get started.  If you have any questions, or would like to sign up for a course, please contact Russ at:

Dive Shop: 031-944-8309
Cellular: 010-2289-9024
Email: russellkrogh@deepbluequest.com

Safe diving!

Great Weekend Review!

Deep Blue Questers!  We wanted to share our amazing last weekend out at the Ocean.  On Saturday we went to Munam resort for some very fine diving.  The tour was to certify two  open water students and the conditions could not have been better.  Warm water, great visibility and loads of underwater wildlife.

On Sunday, we took our students to the great Aqua Gallery to finish up their certifications dives and the conditions were even better!  Take a look at the photos and see for yourselves!

As always, if you are interested in any of the courses that Deep Blue Quest offers, please contact Russ at:

Dive Shop: 031-944-8309
Cellular: 010-2289-9024
Email: russellkrogh@deepbluequest.com

Okinawa Review!

Deep Blue Quest is Back! From Okinawa that is.

We had an amazing 5 days diving and exploring Okinawa this past week. The diving was perfect, the staff at Take Dive! was as amazing as always, and everybody had a blast.  A special thanks needs to go out to Take Dive! for showing us such amazing service and sharing some of their favorite dive sites with us.  Take a look at some of our photos:

Now that we are back in Korea, we are gearing up for an Ocean trip this weekend!  It really is great to be a diver.

Some notes:

Special Offers!

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Also, check us out in this months issue of Groove Magazine!

Deep Blue Groove!

Hey Questers!

We are so excited to announce that Deep Blue Quest has been featured in the June issue of Groove Magazine!  Head out and pick up a copy!


Weekend Review

Hey there Deep Blue Questers!

We wanted to tell you about our recent great weekend.  Deep Blue Quest took advantage of an unexpected weekend in Seoul to do some heavy spring cleaning.

Russ attended the IDC Refresher course on Saturday and showed that his skills are still amazing, while learning some new standards that PADI is implementing.  Among them was a new way to teach ‘out-of-air’ scenarios, and two new ways to bring students down on their open water dives.

On Sunday, Russ, Ken, and Chuck the intern tackled the very large job of cleaning the dive shop inside and out.  The shop looks amazing, and we invite past students and prospective students to check it out.

While cleaning, some of our past and current students stopped by to chat, finalize paperwork, and in the case of two students, show us their motorcycles.  The long debate between cruisers and sport bikes shows no end in sight, but both were beautiful looking rides.

A reminder:  Deep Blue Quest is in Okinawa from the 5th through the 10th.

Have a great long weekend.  Safe Diving!