Why dive with Deep Blue Quest?

There are so many reasons to pick Deep Blue Quest for your next diving adventure. One of the most attractive reasons is that we offer an all inclusive package. Our tours include 1 beach and 3 boat dives, lodging, meals (including snacks such as fruit and chips), equipment and dive guides.

You do not have to worry about organizing your own accommodations, or transporting and storing food and equipment – we do that all for you!


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Not only that, we are a group of professional and passionate divers. We are a “Green” diving company who supports Project A.W.A.R.E. We believe that diving should be fun and that is one of our aims on each tour, to be safe and have fun. Should you need any assistance on a tour, our friendly staff is always around to help!

If you are a certified diver who is looking to get back into the water, join us on our East Coast Diving Tour! This will be our first tour of the season and will run from May 2nd-3rd.

If you are not certified, now is the time to take advantage of our great new price for the Open Water Diver course. Courses start April 18th.


For more information on any of these events/courses, please contact Russ:

Dive Shop: 031-944-8309
Cellular: 010-2289-9024
Email: russellkrogh@deepbluequest.com

Safe Diving!