Busy at the Beach

What a fantastic start to our spring dive season!

We have spent the last two weekends on the East Coast at Aqua Gallery Resort completing course certifications, discover scuba diving and fun diving. Every time we go to the ocean, it’s truly a great time. The water is starting to warm up, the visibility was good and of course it helps that our fun divers and students were just as enthusiastic as we are.


During an ocean tour we meet at Aqua Gallery in the morning and begin the day relaxed over a filling breakfast. This past weekend we had eggs and bacon on toast which was the perfect way to get fueled for the day. After some food and coffee, we discuss the schedule for the day and then begin to unpack and assemble gear. This is always a good part of the day as everyone is excited.


Our motto for the weekend is always slow and easy. We assemble all of our dive gear together and make sure that everyone is comfortable and ready for the first dive of the day. From here you will either head over to the beach dive location or onto Aqua Gallery’s boat depending on your course or fun dive schedule.

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After diving we come back, rest and have a hearty lunch. Over the past two weekends we have had various sandwiches including ham sandwiches and egg salad sandwiches with fruit. This is also a great chance to talk to other divers about the dives you’ve just been on and make new friends.

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When everyone is full and rested, we go out and do some more diving – that’s what the weekend is all about right! The feeling you get coming off your last dive of the day is indescribable, even better is knowing you get to do it all again the next day.

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At the end of the days diving, we work together disassembling and cleaning all the gear so that is ready to go again the next day. After this everyone looks forward to a hot shower using the facilities right at Aqua Gallery. Later on, once everyone is ready, we come together to discuss the dives and do log books.

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While diving is the number one reason we go out to the East Coast, a close second would be for the amazing barbecues we have on Saturday nights. It is a great way to spend the evening and the food is always delicious!

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Congratulations on all of the newly certified divers and thank you for the awesome weekends!

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This weekend we will be conducting another Open Water course. Remember we have a great promotion right now, the course is only 500,000 KRW. We would be happy to see you at the shop learning what we love to do. We are also scheduled to go back to ocean on May 22nd – 25th, in which you could participate in all the fun outlined above. Pre-registration is required.

For more information on any of these events/courses, please contact Russ:

Dive Shop: 031-944-8309
Cellular: 010-2289-9024
Email: russellkrogh@deepbluequest.com

Safe Diving!